“The all-instrumental arrangements are as peaceful, complex and blinding as the sun through a canvas of leaves. … an aurally hallucinatory experience.”


The South African TImes

“You can almost see the tall cane fields towering above you and smell the untamed sea as Guy puts into motion the passion-fuelled music which defies capture and confinement as it is released from a sacred place in his soul.”

- South African Times, the Voice for South Africans in the U.K.

The Muso [Concert Review]

“I found myself borne away to infinite mountaintop meadows, rhythmic rolling hills and beautiful warm seas. I marveled at these landscapes, wishing I could stay and begin to know them better. As the landscapes receded, to be constantly replaced with new, increasingly familiar vistas, I realised that rather than some dreamed of eternity, he was invoking the landscapes of my homeland, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

- The Muso


Guy Buttery on his latest CD "Fox Hill Lane" takes listeners on a journey through all kinds of guitar textures. Good music comes from life and speaks back into it, and Buttery has taken experiences from his native KwaZulu Natal and helps his listeners hear his life. A versatile and very engaging guitarist.

- Minor7th, USA’s leading acoustic guitar reviewer

Guitar Player Magazine

"Buttery's avant-garde world music is exceptionally beautiful - from composition to technique to atmospherics. "Fox Hill Lane" is one of the most adventurous acoustic recordings in recent memory."    

Guitar Player Magazine

- Rolling Stone Magazine


- Rolling Stone Magazine

Jon Gomm

"Natural, organic, spiritual: Guy Buttery's music transports you to a better world."