Mail & Guardian

“… his music has a subtle grace and power all of its own. Though his technical prowess is also bewildering, Buttery immerses himself entirely into the soul of his guitar, coaxing sonic shapes and forms of such startling originality that his instrument acts as a kind of lightning conductor for the sound of another realm.” 

- Mail & Guardian 

Guitar Player Magazine

Anil Prasad - Jan 2008
“Guy Buttery’s goal is to stretch the boundaries of fingerstyle guitar to their outermost limits. ‘Songs from the Cane Fields’ is the most diverse and intriguing fingerstyle album in recent memory.”

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“Unorthodox twenty-something Guy Buttery throws down the gauntlet with an album of incredible versatility and imagination. There are times when it sounds as if there’s a seven-piece band backing Guy Buttery, so complex and rich is the sound, but it’s just him and his acoustic guitar exploring myriad textures and rhythms with an ingenious imagination and scant regard for music industry rules. It’s the kind of album that reveals something new at every turn, the kind of album that never gets old or outstays its welcome.”

Pierre Bensusan

“I am moved by Guy Buttery's musical language and journey: this musician from South Africa is painting a framework, transforming his roots and the richness of his mixed culture into an inspired language that has become very personal and yet universal. This is touching, refreshing and amazing to witness."  

- Pierre Bensusan

The Independent on Saturday

"Guy Buttery is the prodigiously gifted talent behind "When I Grow Up...” an instrumental journey with Buttery and his guitar through the emotional hinterlands of KwaZulu-Natal. The title of the album is both ironic and sweetly appropriate. Buttery is a mere 18 years old, yet the content of the album suggests a mind and a talent, decades older."

Tony Cox

"In a country with a vast dearth of fingerstyle guitarists, Guy Buttery does my heart fiercely proud. He is part of the next wave of young guitar players who stands out head and shoulders above the rest. With music at once uncompromising yet intensely passionate and articulate Guy is on a major guitar roll - may it roll long and wide!"

Minor7th Webzine

"...the concluding piece, "Self Portrait", a meandering amalgam of harmonics, tapping, and picking - like something you might play sitting around some Sunday afternoon on the porch. That is, if you had the chops Guy Buttery does."

Rob Eberhard Young

"Guy Buttery is one of the premier up and comers in the world of fingerstyle guitar today. His raw, unrestrained sense of time and movement is such a nice change of pace compared to the endless boring fingerstyle stuff I seem to always get in the mail for review. Sign me up for all future releases from this 'Guy'..."

One Small Seed Network

“Expect to experience some of the most innovative and unique dexterity in the manipulation of an age-old musical apparatus that you’ll hardly recognise the sounds that emanate as coming from a simple guitar."   

- One Small Seed Network

The Mail and Guardian

"...a unique brand of neo-pastoral indie-folk viscerally connected to the soil from which it sprang. At the tender age of 25, Buttery is already approaching something approximating world renown with the past year having included increasingly high-profile live shows across Africa, Europe, America and Australia and media touchstones such as Guitar Magazine proclaiming him one of the finest fingerstyle guitarists of his generation.