Guy Buttery Wins 2nd South African Music Award


Durban based guitarist, Guy Buttery collected yet another National Award last month receiving a SAMA (South African Music Award) in the “Best Instrumental” category for his most recent live recording “Live in KwaZulu”. This will be his second award and 7th nomination at the annual event. The SAMA’s were held at Sun City in the Pilanesberg at the end of last month and were broadcast to an audience of 4 million viewers.

Recorded over two nights at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, “Live in KwaZulu” acts as a "best of", featuring numerous compositions drawn from his 14 year career.  Below is an excerpt taken from the liner notes from the album:

“For years, people have asked me to do a live record. In many ways, I've been afraid. Growing up listening to my collection of thousands of hours of recordings made it a much bigger deal for me. In a live environment there's no way to get it ‘just right’. This isn't the studio. There aren't any retakes. It's live. It's real.”

Upon receiving the award at the ceremony, Guy dedicated the award to the city of Durban “for constant inspiration”.

The album is available for download on iTunes and on CD at Bandcamp (


Some Reviews for “Live in KwaZulu”


"A one man guitar orchestra!"



“If the Inuit have a dozen lexemes describing the various phenomena of snow, Buttery has a dozen ways of unveiling what to other musicians would be the same note. A release as rich as ‘Live in KwaZulu’ cannot really be said to have highlights – the light abounds, as it were – but most guitarists will stutter for a week after experiencing his astounding ‘Half a Decade’, which is so talently textured as to hint at a new vocabulary of guitar playing. His fret board seems to undergo actual transmogrification, in one delicious sequence morphing into a grove of subtle, oriental cymbals. A sensory feast."



"Buttery is a god on the fretboard. A guitar master who proves once again that he doesn’t push boundaries; he simply vaults over them and goes for a stroll in the musical unknown."



"... an acoustic tour de force and testament to Buttery's stature as a burgeoning fret colossus! Loops, killer chops and a highly evolved sense of melody, texture and adventure are all present, as well as the spirit of Michael Hedges and the obvious influence of Buttery's South African roots. I recently took part in a "best live album of all time debate" and I now have a new top five entry. This 29 year old artist has the potential to ascend to a level of creativity, artistry and accessibility that few musicians achieve."

- MINOR 7th, USA


"Buttery already has an enviable catalogue of three fine and award-winning solo studio albums, an excellent collection of duets with running partner Nibs van der Spuy, and a potentially collectible vinyl album of bits and pieces. But he is probably still best experienced live, where the prodigious technique at the service of his playing – rather than the other way round – and an approach that constantly explores and investigates, guarantees an evening of sonic risk."



"Guy, clearly a master of the guitar amongst other instruments, has a fantastic breadth to his playing style. His ability to convey emotion through tonality and power shows throughout the album with some gorgeously subtle, subdued moments traversing all the way to the fierce and downright enraged."



"A live recording of scintillating guitar playing - possibly the most amazing acoustic guitar I’ve heard."