"A good few years ago I bumped into a guy quite randomly on the streets of Kalk Bay who was carrying a rather strange looking guitar case. For some totally unknown reason, I asked if I could look what was inside the case. He kindly obliged, opened the case and pulled out one of the strangest looking things I’d ever seen. I clearly remember hearing this beast of a guitar ringing through the alley and that he told me he had built himself. I’d never seen anything like it. With some disbelief, we shook hands and said our goodbyes. I never forgot that guitar.

A few years later, I'm contacted by a guy who said we had met once upon a time in Kalk Bay and he wanted to meet up again to discuss the possibility of me checking out some more of his guitars. His name was Matthew Rice. I was on tour in Cape Town at the time and we agreed to connect for a tea of sorts somewhere nearby. Matthew brought along his partner Matthias Roux as well as a more recent creation of theirs and my mind was sufficiently smeared across the surrounding coffee tables. It was simple. I needed one. This guitar was insane.

They explained they had recently formed a partnership called Casimi Guitars after working at the legendary Marc Maingard Guitars studios (who built guitars for Earl Klugh, Stephen Stills, Jimmy Dludlu and a bunch of others) and were focusing on a whole new set of rules. I think they meant broken rules, but either way, I loved what I heard. Right away I knew these guys were on my pluck (pun somewhat intended). Not only did we connect about music, guitars and curry, we formed a small trio of brotherly love right there and then which I like to think is totally mutual and plutonic.

A long story short, Matthew and Matthias flew up to visit me in Durban to come and check out some of my other instruments and discuss the possibility of building me a dream machine. After hours comparing instruments it was pretty clear (and a tad depressing) that my other guitars just didn’t quite match up acoustically. It’s been a steady process of back and forth drafts and getting everything in order including more visits to the Cape, but I believe we are close to home on this one.

Anyhoo, here are a few pics of the construction process of the now near finished guitar. I am now stupidly excited to string him up and give it a whirl but will definitely reveal more when that day arrives (which shouldn’t be too far from now).

Enjoy the pics (thanks to Matthew Rice) which are viewable here. And definitely check Casimi out on Facebook (

These are the beasts of ancient future right here."

- Guy Buttery, 4th Nov. 2013