Guy Buttery Partners with Casimi Guitars

Guy Buttery in partnership with Casimi Guitars

Multiple award winning guitarist Guy Buttery, is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Casimi Guitars. After 12 months researching, sketching and shaping a handcrafted tailor made instrument, Casimi delivered a guitar built exclusively for the musician. Using Old World techniques, the workshop based in Cape Town worked on a very specific instrument to fulfil the needs of the renowned South African fingerstyle guitarist.

Founded in late 2011 by Mathias Roux and Mathew Rice, Casimi Guitars created Guy Buttery’s instrument to be a "sonic canvas and a brush to unlock even deeper layers of possibilities for Guy". They commented further by saying, "We believe in working out of a spirit of collaboration, inspiration and innovation. With this as our guiding principal, we impose no limits on what can be achieved".

Mathias Roux has a highly unique methodology and a long history as a guitar maker. He has built over 250 of the world’s top acoustic guitars by hand, working at Maingard Guitars since 2000 where he made instruments for many esteemed guitar players from around the world. Roux is an absolute master of his craft and is always seeking new techniques and approaches to Luthiery, the ancient art of guitar building. His partner and long-time friend, Matthew Rice is an artist, a musician and a designer. Rice has an extended background in Jewellery design and manufacture and also worked at the Maingard workshop for 3 years as an inlay specialist and apprentice Luthier. Together these two make a formidable team as Casimi Guitars.

Located within a stone’s throw of the entrance gate to Cape Point Nature Reserve on the most Southern tip of Africa, the Casimi guitars workshop is perfectly placed for maximum inspiration from the team’s most favoured source. Nature. The tiny workshop is producing a handful of guitars a year. Made form exotic tone woods and precious materials, these instruments are made entirely by hand. “We have tried to capture and reflect some of the magic that lies behind the physics of the universe. Both our aesthetics and our sound are derived from the signature forms of nature. The Ellipse, parabola, hyperbola and spiral. Besides the strings and neck, there are no straight lines anywhere on a Casimi Guitar. They are sculptures of music as much as they are musical sculptures. Both form and function are present and essential to each aspect including the sound ultimately produced”, says Roux.

Guy Buttery, explains that the customized guitar is totally innovative and achieves a whole new range of tones and sonic possibilities:

"Casimi Guitars offers a seamless harmony of forward-thinking technology and handmade perfection. Within seconds, you realise playing these instruments opens a vast world of possibilities. From rich tonal colours, to projection. From meticulous and consistent balance, to impeccable design. Casimi Guitars are an inspired fusion of the Old World and the New. For me, all these elements translate into a guitar of Ancient Future", says the musician.

Buttery is currently working on a new album where he intends to showcase this guitar to the world.

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