In The Shade Of The Wild Fig [with Nibs van der Spuy] (2012)

Peace of Eden Released February 2012 {POEMS 040111}

After more than a decade of recording and performing together, internationally renowned guitarists Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery have finally released their debut collaboration album. The album showcases their mutual interest and deep love for World Music and various folk movements featuring numerous instruments such as the cuatro, mbira, tampura, sitar and various acoustic guitars. Artwork designed by Greg Lomas.





“… a demonstration of how their individual and quite distinct finger-style techniques fit each other like the proverbial glove.”

– Rolling Stone Magazine

" of the most anticipated world/folk albums to hit 2012." 

- The Star (CD of the Month)

 "...the finest collaboration between two South African musicians available."

- Fanbible