“… his music has a subtle grace and power all of its own. Though his technical prowess is also bewildering, Buttery immerses himself entirely into the soul of his guitar, coaxing sonic shapes and forms of such startling originality that his instrument acts as a kind of lightning conductor for the sound of another realm.” 

- Mail & Guardian 

“I am moved by Guy Buttery's musical language and journey: this musician from South Africa is painting a framework, transforming his roots and the richness of his mixed culture into an inspired language that has become very personal and yet universal. This is touching, refreshing and amazing to witness."  

- Pierre Bensusan

“Expect to experience some of the most innovative and unique dexterity in the manipulation of an age-old musical apparatus that you’ll hardly recognise the sounds that emanate as coming from a simple guitar."   

- One Small Seed Network

"Buttery's avant-garde world music is exceptionally beautiful - from composition to technique to atmospherics. "Fox Hill Lane" is one of the most adventurous acoustic recordings in recent memory."    

Guitar Player Magazine


- Rolling Stone Magazine

Guy Buttery and bass extraordinaire Shane Cooper collaborate

Renowned international instrumentalist Guy Buttery and bass extraordinaire Shane Cooper are teaming up for their first collaborative tour which kicks off in the Western Cape this March. The idea to collaborate together as a duo has been on the cards for many years and is finally happening starting with a series of concerts in and around Cape Town.

South African Album Launch Tour - April 2016

I am super excited to hit the road this week for a series of album launch shows across the lands of Suid Afrika. Each show will feature a special guest (or 4) including a few full band shows in Durban and Cape Town with guests like Gareth Gale (drums), Nibs van der Spuy (guitars & cuatro), Ildo Nandja (upright bass), Derek Gripper (guitar), Ross Campbell (drums) and Shane Cooper (double bass) with myself on guitars, sitar and mbira's. Each show promises to offer something different from the other. It shall be joyous!